March 5, 2016
This is a summary of basic module dimensions and construction materials.  Corner modules, yard
modules, skirting, and stanchions are owned and stored by the Club.  Individual members own and
store the straight modules, which have complete scenery that may include animation and lighting.  
Some members have several modules with which they can build larger scenes.  The owner of each
module provides legs, lag bolts, C-clamps, and power supplies for lighting and animation.

The dimensions were updated in 2011 to clarify table height and in 2015 to change track center
dimensions to accommodate wider and longer train equipment.
Length: 47 1/4 inches (to fit LGB 1200 mm track length).
Width: 36 inches.  (Club-owned module width varies to meet the situation).
Legs: 2x2, 42 1/8 inches (41 3/4 inches for modules using 3/4 inch corner gussets).
(Note: height from floor to table top is no measure 42.5 inches).
Leg bolts: 3 inch 1/4" course-thread lag bolts, washers, and wing nuts.
Top: 3/8 plywood, 47.25 inches by 36 inches.
Sides: 1x3 boards painted flat gray.
Additional 1x3 bracing to keep plywood top flat.
Triangular-shaped corner gussets of 3/4 material may be used but not required.
Plexiglas: 47.25 x 13 inches, 1/4 inch thick. Club provides velcro strips to apply skirting.
Track: Code 332 brass, single piece, 47.25 inch (1200 mm).
Rail clamps used between modules.
Track centers: Mainline #1 centerline 4 7/16 inches from front edge.
                      Mainline #2 centerline 7.5 inches from track #1 centerline.
                      Optional track #3 centerline 18 inches from track #2 centerline.
Track ballast: medium size chicken grit.