AUGUST 8, 2015
It was a beautiful sunny day for the Maryland Central's second Open House of 2015.  All the
trains were running well, the landscaping was nicely groomed, and the railroad looked just great.
Dedric ran the trains, including a live-steam Shay, and Dick and Judy entertained the guests.
This is Dedric's latest addition, a set of six matching Norfolk and Western passenger cars.
If all goes well, his new live-steam engine Number 611 will arrive before Thanksgiving.
Tuscan Red GG-1 no. 4829 basks in the August sunshine.
A beautifully painted trolley car looks great against the green background.
The Broken Heart Coal Mine (or is it the Dew Yew Mine) has seen better
days when coal was king, but it's still operating in 2015.
The snowplow may seem out of place in August, but it is still handy to push
sticks and leaves off the right-of-way.
Up on the high line, a Shay pulls a trainload of logs to the lumber mill. The
waterfalls between the trestles made a great experience of sight and sound.
This is Dick's latest creation, a tavern made of printed fabric glued to
poster board with windows from Colorado Scale Models kits. Even the
signs are fabric.  Dick now has a large collection of fabric in various colors
of brick, stone, roofing, and signs.