Photos by JTS
It snowed throughout the evening on Thursday January 24.  The next morning the sun came out early, and this is an overall view of Joe's layout.  He decided to get the plow going while the snow was still fresh.
The plow train works its way through the deep snow. The two Alcos did a nice job pushing the Aristo Snowplow.  The brick weight in the plow does a nice job keeping it on the rails.
As you can see, the snow is coming off in clumps. This was not one of those light powdery snows!
The crew takes a break at the station.  The Highway Department has already cleared the road.  Notice the icicles hanging form the station's roof.
Now that the snow has been cleared off the main line, the Morning Local can haul commuters to work.  The secondary lines will be cleared later.  But first the Snowplow Crew gets a well deserved rest!