MAY 28, 2016
AT THE FRONT - Freshly rebuilt and painted SW-1 No. 8408 will do the
honors today, after a dedication ceremony of her return to service.
AT THE BACK - Handsomely restored wooden caboose No. C2013 will  
bring up the rear, but will be at the front of,the train on the return trip.
TRAIN A-COMIN - The 2:30 train is ready to depart Greenbank Station.
TRAIN A-GOIN - The train is crossing one of many trestles on the line.
VIEW FROM THE TRAIN - Beautiful scenes such as this one greet the train.
CABOOSE IN FRONT - C2013 leads the way on the return trip.
FRIENDLY CONDUCTOR - Mark Burton was our Car Host on the open-air
car. He told us a lot of interesting facts and stories along the way.
IT DOESN'T LEAK ANY MORE - When we were here 10 years ago, the
water tower was leaking, and a couple of us cooled off with the chilly water.
But now it's dry as a bone and we will have to revert to air conditioning.